why do i need a dental bridge

For those who have lost a tooth recently, whether it may be from a natural cause, injury, or medical condition, you are probably looking for a solution that will help you reclaim your confidence and beautiful smile. Missing teeth can affect your appearance due to such unsightly gaps. Apart from that, they can also lead to discomfort in your jaw when you are chewing. If you continue to ignore this problem, the adjacent teeth will shift and change your bite. You will have to visit your dentist in West St Paul at once as they will provide you with the recommended solution.

5 Reasons Why You May Need a Dental Bridge in Winnipeg

In case you have a missing tooth, our dentist in Winnipeg might encourage you to receive a dental bridge. This procedure is meant to fill the gap and restore your smile in the most natural and effective manner. Continue reading to learn some reasons why you should consider this restoration solution.

1. Restoring Your Smile and Confidence

Having a healthy, beautiful and bright smile should be considered an investment. Your smile is the initial feature that people will notice about you. Most patients will experience a leap in their confidence once they acquire a dental bridge. If you are starting to feel self-conscious or if you are hiding your smile, a dental bridge can boost your confidence. This can dramatically enhance the quality of your life and restore your smile.

2. Eliminate any Pain and Discomfort When Chewing

Once you lose your tooth, you can experience some discomfort and difficulty when you are chewing your food. Others will feel pain when applying pressure on the affected area. The pain can be the result of the adjacent teeth that are shifting towards the gap. Food debris and particles can also accumulate in the open space and lead to gum infection. In order to eliminate any discomfort when you are eating, you should consider a dental bridge in Winnipeg. Your eating should be generally pleasant and should never be the cause of your misery.

3. Enhance Your Speech

For individuals who have lost several teeth, it will be difficult for them to pronounce some words. They also tend to have a speech defect such as a lisp. The best solution for this problem is to address the root cause of the issue, which is your tooth loss. Our teeth play a necessary role in how words are formed in the mouth. To understand it, try reading a few sentences in this article and count how many times your lips and your tongue touch your teeth. Dental bridges can fix a speech problem related to tooth loss.

4. Prevent the Deterioration of Your Jawbone

For those who continue to ignore their tooth loss, they will notice that the shape of their jaw will begin to change. This can eventually lead to jaw deterioration. The roots of our teeth have the power to stimulate the cells of our jawbone. Once the jawbone has deteriorated it can lead to further tooth loss and deformation.

5. Avoid Tooth Loss

Our teeth are secured in place by the roots found within the surface of the gums. Nevertheless, your surrounding teeth also ensure that your teeth will remain intact. In a case where there is a gap in your smile, you will notice that the surrounding teeth will start to move toward the gap. A dental bridge in Winnipeg is necessary to fill the space and prevent the shifting of your teeth. Once there is significant movement in your teeth, this will lead to more tooth loss.

There are different solutions that our dentist in Winnipeg can offer you to replace your teeth. Apart from a dental bridge, you might also want to consider dental implants. While both options present an incredible result, there are some situations when dental bridges would be ideal. Dental bridges can be prepared ahead of time and ensured that they will be ready once your gum has healed after tooth extraction. It will also not take too long to move your custom dental bridge into the right position and ensure that it will be secured. We can guarantee that you will not experience too many inconveniences and you can get back to your daily life at once.