6 foods that should be avoided after teeth whitening

We all dream of having that perfect white smile that we often see on TV or in advertisements. However, before you head to a dental clinic near you, you must know everything about how to take care of that brand new white smile. While the whitening process is instrumental, the care that must be done after it is equally important. First of all, your teeth will be more sensitive than usual and also, some foods and habits might have a detrimental effect on the treatment you just got done. We will discuss this below.

(1) No More Red Wine

After you receive teeth whitening in Winnipeg, you should avoid drinking red wine at all costs. Your teeth are extremely vulnerable after the procedure and they can easily acquire red or purple stains. If you’re a fan of wine, then going for white wine might be the best option for you.

(2) Beverages That Are Dark in Colour

This does not only apply to alcoholic beverages like red wine. Beverages as common as coffee, tea, and certain sodas can stain your teeth. This means that going to a dentist near you to get this procedure will be a waste of time. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself to quit coffee or tea if this is one of your daily beverages. Otherwise, the results of teeth whitening will be lost a lot sooner than you expected.

(3) Sauces with Dark Hues

We know you love your ketchup sauce, or maybe mustard is the one condiment that can’t be missing from your favorite sandwich. Unfortunately, these are on the list as well for foods to avoid. You should also take a pass on other sauces such as teriyaki sauce and soy sauce. Therefore, you might want to forget about some of these delicious flavours for a while.

(4) Avoid Dyed Foods

Any food that is not its original colour must be avoided. Just as the dye gives colour to the food, it’ll also colour your teeth. This includes things like candies, popsicles, and numerous sports drinks. Snacks with colorants are to be avoided as well. If you are an avid consumer of any of these, then you have to keep in mind your goal. To preserve the work your dentist near you performed, you have to quit these items for the foreseeable future.

(5) Vegetables and Fruits That Have Dark Colours

If it can stain your white clothes, it can stain your teeth, as simple as that. So for all blueberry lovers out there, it’s time to say goodbye. Just like wine, grapes should also be avoided. Other foods to avoid are purple cabbage, carrots, pomegranates, and spinach. Cherries and dark leafy greens aren’t your friends either.

(6) Acidic Foods

Remember, right after the procedure is received at a dental clinic near you, your teeth are weakened. Therefore, it’s important to protect them from aggressive substances, such as acidic foods. The first ones that come to mind are of course citrus fruits. These include everything from oranges to lemons and grapefruits. However, other foods may not be as obvious as these are. You should definitely avoid tomatoes as well as pickled vegetables. Processed meats can also have a detrimental effect on your teeth.

Finally, remember to ask any questions regarding specific foods to the professional that did your whitening or a dentist near you. It’s best to be completely sure about what you can or can’t eat instead of risking it. The goal is for your whitened smile to last for as long as possible. The best way to achieve that is to take care of it and follow a consistent oral hygiene routine.