the benfits of having root canal treatment from an experienced dentist

When you are planning to have a root canal treatment, you may either seek the help of the average dentist or an expert root canal dentist in Winnipeg. Those that specialize in root canal treatment are also referred to as an endodontist. The benefit that you can enjoy from their level of service can vary. In this article, we will list some of the advantages that may convince you to have an expert perform your root canal treatment.

Why You Need An Expert for Root Canals in Winnipeg

Root canal treatment allows the patient to save their teeth to ensure they remain functional and efficient. Once you compare this with other treatments, you will notice how the outcome, especially in terms of its aesthetic, is completely different. It is essential that this procedure is performed by the best dentist in Winnipeg that specializes in root canal therapy. Here’s why:

Better Clinical Skills and Expertise

Your endodontist will have all the education of a standard dentist. Apart from that, they also have 2-3 years of professional training from a graduate school that allows them to specialize in different endodontic methods and procedures. They also have years of experience, and they will only provide services related to this field of dentistry. These factors imply that they have more knowledge and skills when conducting the root canal procedure.

They Have the Necessary Equipment

The types of equipment that you can find at a regular dental clinic near you will not match the devices found in the office of an endodontist. For instance, they have more advanced surgical tools and microscopes that will analyze the structures of your mouth. They may also have 3D imaging that gives them a better perspective, allowing them to provide convenient, efficient, and quality results.

Better Diagnostic Skills and Excellent Results

Apart from their expertise in root canal therapy, they are better when it comes to diagnosing more complex dental issues. We all want a root canal dentist in Winnipeg that can deliver amazing results. They should provide root canal treatment with perfect precision that will let us enjoy long-term and optimal results. Even other procedures such as tooth extraction, can be extensive and expensive when performed by your regular dentist. You will be able to eliminate all these issues if you choose to opt for an endodontist.

Higher Success Rate

When it comes to the success rate of this treatment, research shows endodontists have a higher rate of success compared to the standard dentist. For instance, a small study conducted that involved 350 dental cases revealed that procedures performed by endodontists have a success rate of 98% which is significantly higher compared to procedures performed by a general dentist. Another study in 2016 revealed that among the 90 cases of failed root canal treatments, 79% of them were performed by general dentists.


Most people have dental anxiety that prevents them from visiting their dentist on a regular basis. Hearing their dentist suggests root canal therapy will be enough to give them goosebumps. With the help of endodontist and their state-of-the-art techniques and dental technologies, it is possible to complete the procedure without feeling any pain. At the most, you will simply experience a minimum level of discomfort while you are recovering.

Your dentist in Winnipeg will advise you that tooth extractions will need to be supported with other treatments such as dentures, dental bridges, and implants to avoid the adverse effects of a missing tooth. If you choose root canal treatment, you will be able to stay away from extensive dental procedures, saving you time and money. Just be sure that the root canal treatment is conducted by an expert.

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