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Invisalign & Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the art and science of moving teeth! It is for children, teens, and adults offering tailored solutions to align teeth and enhance smiles.

Child orthodontics focuses on guiding young teeth as they develop, addressing alignment issues early in life to prevent future complications. This proactive approach often results in a shorter treatment duration later in life.

Adult orthodontics, addresses crowded, spaced, or rotated teeth to create a harmonious smile later in life. Poorly aligned teeth can cause hygiene issues and plaque traps leading to gum disease. Treatments like Invisalign can subtly align your teeth, creating a radiant smile all while optimizing your ability to clean your teeth.

We offer both conventional braces as well as clear aligners from Invisalign for a more discrete approach.

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Ceramic Braces

These are very similar to traditional braces, except they are made with clear ceramic material, making them less noticeable. They also work just as well as traditional braces and work faster than Invisalign. The two main issues with these are they are slightly more expensive and, if not cleaned well enough, they can stain easily and become very noticeable.

Metal or Traditional Braces

While these braces are notoriously popular for teens and are noticeable, they are the most effective option. They are also the least expensive option making them cost-effective for parents looking to help align multiple children’s teeth. Kids also love these because you can choose fun colors for the rubber bands, giving them a little extra fun!