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Dental Implants


Dental implants are an advanced tooth replacement solution that can mimic the structure and function of natural teeth. Made of a titanium metal, the implant is inserted into the jaw and a custom-made crown is placed on top. This not only restores oral functionality for eating and speaking but also can enhance aesthetics. Implants are known as the healthiest option for replacing a tooth, as they have no negative impact on adjacent teeth like a bridge does. Dental implants have the potential to blend seamlessly with existing teeth, creating a natural-looking smile. Their longevity, comfort, and ability to maintain jawbone health make them the best functional replacement for a missing tooth/teeth.

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Do you make an ideal candidate for dental implants?

Determining your suitability for dental implants involves several considerations. Your dentist will conduct an examination looking at a wide variety of factors including, dental health, medical status, and bone density. Age isn’t a strict factor and anyone from young adults to seniors can be candidates. However, commitment to oral hygiene and follow-up care is crucial to ensure the success of dental implants.

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How many teeth can be replaced by implants?

Implants present a remarkably dynamic treatment avenue, providing solutions across a wide spectrum of patient needs. Ranging from replacing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, all the way to a full arch of teeth, this versatile treatment may be right for you.