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Teeth Cleanings


Dental cleanings are one of the most important aspects of your 6 monthly dental visit. Cleanings are a major part of preventative dentistry and keeping your teeth and gums healthy. There are areas of your mouth where a toothbrush does a poor job of cleaning, these areas build up plaque and tarter which further resist your at-home routine. Dental cleanings are performed by our experienced team of hygienists, where they ensure the complete removal of plaque, tartar, and stubborn stains that if left alone could compromise both the health and appearance of your smile. Your hygienist will also take the time to educate you on ways you can improve your oral hygiene routine at home – an indispensable facet of your oral health journey.

Lastly, you will be given the option to get a fluoride treatment. Fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel making it more resistant to decay. It’s remineralizing properties can also help repair early stages of decay preventing the need for more invasive treatments.

If you are interested in getting your teeth cleaned by our team, contact our dental office to schedule your appointment today.

dental cleanings