how long do you have to wait to get dentures

Getting dentures can be an exciting process for individuals who have been waiting to have their missing teeth replaced. However, getting dentures can sometimes take a long time because it requires multiple fittings and scans. At All Seasons Dental Clinic, our team works with patients to find the right fit and type of dentures for their needs and is happy to walk them through the process of attaining their new smile.

What is the Average Time for Making Dentures?

Typically, it takes between three to five weeks to make dentures. However, the time between the initial consultation and having your finished dentures fitted can be extended past that. For example, if you have teeth that need to be extracted or restored before getting your dentures, you will need extra time to heal before being fitted with your new dentures.

How Many Appointments Do Dentures Require?

Most patients will have to make about four or five appointments with their dentist in East st Paul. Appointments are usually spaced out over three to six weeks. Once you have your dentures, you will have to attend additional appointments to ensure that your dental appliance is still in good condition and that they fit appropriately and comfortably in your mouth.

Can You Get Teeth Extracted and Get Dentures on the Same Day?

Yes, you can. While your gums need time to fully heal, immediate dentures can be placed on the same day that natural teeth are removed. You will be able to wear these dentures until your teeth have healed, and then your permanent dentures will be fitted.

What Does Getting Impressions for Dentures Feel Like?

Once you are ready to move forward with dentures, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth. Essentially, this is a mold taken from your mouth and using the structure and detail of this mold, your dentures will be constructed.

To make this impression, a liquid or semi-solid material is used. It will be placed in your mouth and fit across and over your dental arches. It will sit in your mouth for about 30 seconds before being removed and sent to a dental laboratory.

How Many Fittings Do Dentures Require?

Once your permanent dentures are crafted, you will be called to try them on. If there are any necessary changes, your dentist will send them back to the lab to complete these changes. After this is done, you will be called in for your final fitting. At this point, your dentist can make any final adjustments in the office. In total, you should expect to be called in for at least two fittings before you are ready to take your dentures home.

How Long Do Implant-Supported Dentures Take?

One of the most popular types of dentures is implant-supported dentures. This type of denture uses metal posts that are surgically implanted in the mouth. This denture type takes a longer time to be fitted than other dentures because it requires a longer healing time. You can expect to go through two surgeries for implant-supported dentures and a minimum of three to five months to get through the entire process.

Interested in Dentures Near You?

There are many types of dentures available, and all of them have their own benefits and drawbacks. The best way to decide on a denture that will fit your timeline is to talk to a dentist near you. At All Seasons Dental Clinic, we offer dentures in Winnipeg. Please contact our clinic to book a consultation today!