cracked tooth syndrome all you need to know

Chewing or when the applied pressure is put on something in the mouth. Cracked tooth syndrome near you symptoms are as follows:

1. A sudden increase in tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

2. Extreme tooth pain when someone chews or bites on something, followed by sharp pulses. The pain is most noticeable when pressure is applied, removed and then applied again.

What to Expect When Seeking Treatment

Although patients often think the pain will disappear, it is extremely irritating, severe and lasts for long periods of time. Most commonly, cracked tooth syndrome usually appears when there are small fractures in the tooth. The tooth fractures may be caused by too many dental procedures done to the teeth. Sometimes the tooth fractures are too tiny to be detected by an x-ray and tooth fractures can even appear under the gum line, making detection more difficult.

If at any time you feel a sharp pain in your teeth when pressure is applied, locate a dentist in Winnipeg and book an appointment as soon as possible. Cracked tooth syndrome must be treated early on, as the tooth is at serious risk if the crack travels and extends into the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber will be exposed, making pulp tissues prone to damage and bacterial attack. Through time, it will become inflamed, resulting in pulpal necrosis, (death of nerves), tooth abscess, infection and so on.

Main Causes of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

The main cause of cracked tooth syndrome is due to fractures in the teeth. Fractures in the teeth occur for a number of different reasons, such as poor chewing habits, natural pressure constantly put on the teeth and any trauma to the teeth. The trauma of the teeth may be caused by large fillings, excessive tooth decay and post- root canal treatment in Winnipeg as the teeth are more susceptible to damage.

Cracked tooth syndrome treatments are determined by the type of fracture, the nature of the tooth and the cause behind the fracture. Cracked tooth syndrome treatment in Winnipeg includes dental bonding, veneers, etc.

Visit your Dentist near you to discuss cracked tooth syndrome treatment options, that are most suited for your condition. Detecting cracked tooth syndrome is crucial as it can save the teeth, especially early on. Your Winnipeg dentist will detect any problems and find the best-cracked tooth syndrome treatment available.